About Us

Zahirul Islam Shohag

Chairman, Darpan Group of Companies

A successful businessman! Is it possible? The answer is yes! When confidence, talent, and strong determination accumulate together then obviously one can represent him/herself as a successful businessman. He studied business, then in a very small age he engaged himself with the business field as a professional, but his destination was not only remaining the beck and call of others so, for turning his dream as true he started his own business named “HRS Security Company“. When he started his new business he also got interested in journalism. Then he established “The Daily Prothom Vor” and with all these businesses. After that He was studied business a Group Of company 2008 named is “Darpan group of Companies” there he started a brand new weekly newspaper “The weekly Darpan” as well as He was started a Online Tv Chanel called “Darpan Television DTV”. He also started a security and cleaning service called “Darpan Security And cleaning Service”. Travels & Tours service called “Darpan Travels & Tours” , He is 1st Class Contractor and suppliers For All Construction materials and manpower supply called “Darpan Services Ltd” He makes his own rules & constitutes keeping it on the head that quality, standard and customers satisfaction come first. His vision is reaching on top but with honesty, sincerity & dignity. He engaged himself in various social organizations. He is the Chairman Of Alhaj Zahir Foundation . President of “Bhumihin Krishok Kallan Songstha”. Chairman, “Prothom Bhor Multipurpose Co –Operative society Ltd And Editors Forum Of Bangladesh. Joint convener of “Bangladesh Shongbadpotro Rokkha Shomonnoy Porishod”. Secretary “Park Road Welfare Association”.